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   Ahhhhh, Everybody needs a place of comfort, an oasis, a place of support, resources and a compassionate heart, a listening ear........

                                WELCOME TO C.L.I.M.B.!

    The purpose of C.L.I.M.B. as a non profit 501 C-3 agency is to address the holistic needs of the immediate and surrounding community.      Please be comforted in knowing that CLIMB has been in existence for over 8 years and has been at the present location for 8 years. 

Academically-credentialed, the commited staff is highly qualified and experienced in serving the wholistic needs of the community.


Our extensive community service track record includes Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburg, and Compton California . CLIMB has served San Diego County for more than two decades.

  Currently, C.L.I.M.B. operates the following programs:  

  •  Employment Counseling and Resume Service Program  
  • Adult and Youth Construction Basic Living classes with a focus on 'Job Readiness Skills'
  • 'Baseball Tomorrow' Program sponsored by the San Diego Padres
  • State Licensed and Board Certified Counseling for "Anger Management", Drug Intervention and other Addictive Behaviors

    Weekly Saturday Group Counseling sessions at 8:00am and 9:00am


  • Co-Sponsors of the Community Christmas Festival of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Addictive Behavior Recovery, Anger Management and Support Program
  • We also provide COMMUNITY SERVICE opportunities for those who recieve traffic violations and other similair issues.
  •  Family and Individual Board Certified and State Licensed Behavioral Counseling  

    CLIMB is a non profit organization that is based in the Logan Heights community however, CLIMB programs extend throughout the San Diego area.             

      Mr. Peyton Harrison Jr is the Director and Mr. Cornell McDaniel is the Assistant Director. Please feel free to call us for assistance!


Our offices are conveniently located at 2885 Clay Ave, on the first floor of the Grace Covenant Christian Church in San Diego.

Please call our office at 619.531.0902

Email address is




CLIMBCLIMB Board Members and ConsultantsRecent and Upcoming EventsCounseling Center and ResourcesCLIMB Addictive Behavior Recovery and Support ProgramCommunity Christmas Festival 2012Christmas Festival picturesFestival Stage FunStory Time, Visitors and Candid shotsNetworking and ResourcesContact Us
2885 Clay Ave, Suite #100 San Diego, Ca. 92113